Unlocking Your Market Potential

Keith Rayner
As Managing Director of Kemarra, Keith Rayner channels a diverse set of international business development and marketing experience into Kemarra’s current initiatives.

Mr. Rayner started his international career in London on the commodity and stock markets, with a subsequent move to New York on Wall Street with Goldman, Sachs & Co., and Citibank. He then broadened his international experience with four years in Berlin, Germany, and five years in Paris, France, consulting for a number of companies in the financial and IT sectors. With fluency in both German and French, Keith transitioned to marketing and business development, representing a US software vendor expanding in Europe. Keith subsequently returned to the US, moving to the San Francisco Bay Area as Product Marketing Manager for Versata, one of the top ten IPO companies of the year 2000.

While maintaining a focus on high-tech in Silicon Valley, Keith has also worked with a full-service ad agency acquiring experience in branding, PR and ad campaigns and rounding out marketing skills, and honing market research competence with work with comScore.

Way back when, at the start of his professional life, Keith was a Medical Sciences Officer specializing in microbiology. His tour of duty in a pathology laboratory also included the disciplines of hematology, histology and biochemistry, and he maintains a keen academic and business focus on developments in the Life Sciences.

Keith has a BSc in Psychology from Reading University in the UK, a Diploma in Medical Sciences from what is now Birmingham City University, also in the UK, and the “Grosses Deutsches Sprachdiplom”, specialist subject Economics, from the Goethe Institute in Berlin, Germany.