Unlocking Your Market Potential

Phil Brattain
Phil brings a wealth of experience in developing the market presence of international companies from the beginning of an operation through dynamic growth to public stock offerings.

Phil’s business sector experience includes offshore IT outsourcing, e-Publishing, and the edutainment and game industry. He guided an offshore IT outsourcer to become one of the leading players in the field, and has established the US subsidiary of a major Japanese games developer.

For these companies Phil has been responsible for formulating integrated global marketing strategies, starting direct marketing teams to systematically crack Fortune 1000 customers for his clients. He has established strategic partnerships, identified market focal points and initiated the creation of business verticals.

He has played a key role in creating strong brands, supervising creation of new websites, defined positioning and associated marketing materials, and has successfully coordinated marcom and PR components.

Mr. Brattain graduated from U.C. Berkeley with a BA in Cultural and Intellectual History, and continues graduate studiesi n Education, E-Learning and Digital Media, E-Business and Internet Technologies.