Unlocking Your Market Potential

Roger Brooks
Mr. Brooks' career in marketing research covers more than 15 years in designing and conducting both qualitative and quantitative primary research studies in US, European, Latin American, and Asian markets. Areas of specialization include biotech, pharma, high technology and financial services. He has worked as a consultant and team leader with a number of top companies serving leading corporations on key strategic initiatives.
In particular, Roger designed and implemented the marketing research plan, from concept through test market and successful national launch, of a new FDA regulated medical food product. For our biotech initiatives we can therefore call on Roger’s insights from an insider’s point of view on key areas such as estimating market potential for new products, determining factors driving physician recommendation and patient compliance, development of consumer and physician marketing databases, and implementation of "MD mentor" programs to expand product education and increase physician recommendation rates.
We can also leverage Roger’s technical skills in market research fundamentals such as the application of key multivariate analytical techniques, including factor and regression, TURF, CHAID and CART, cluster analysis, and vulnerability analysis to uncover additional marketing insights.