Unlocking Your Market Potential

Tom Wills
Mr. Wills is an industry veteran in the field of electronic payment security, with international experience that includes conducting business in 15 countries and counting. Tom has leveraged this experience in key positions at several high-tech startups, which leads us to affectionately label Tom a "serial entrepreneur". At VISA in the 1980s, he played a leading role in the conception, development, and management of credit card fraud prevention systems that still operate today. At CommerceNet in the 1990s, Wills chaired the consortium's Payments Working Group, leading and influencing early Internet payment standards initiatives. Tom has had key roles at companies that operate with a business model similar to Kemarra’s, namely providing outsourced business development teams that open doors to worldwide customers, partners, and capital for emerging growth technology firms. Recent initiatives include secure supply chain management, and aiding a Singapore start-up in the mobile phone sector. Tom continues to develop extensive worldwide contacts in the IT, eCommerce, financial services, and venture capital industries. His track record of identifying and acting on profitable strategic opportunities, and his ability to translate this into successful business globalization are invaluable assets to which Kemarra is delighted to have access in Tom’s role as an advisor.